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Referring Others to Telebay

Referring Others to Telebay

While you can do very well with Telebay by simply marketing and selling the services we offer, you can really boost your income dramatically by offering the Telebay Opportunity to others!

Those you refer to Telebay are able to join us for free, just as you; therefore, we do not pay bonuses or commissions to you for those you refer to the opportunity. However, we do pay you overrides for all of the sales made by those in your downline (those you have referred).

In fact, not only do we pay you for the sales made by reps you refer, but we also pay you for the sales generated by all the reps referred by your first level reps!

To try and clarify: If you refer Bob, and Bob refers Sarah, you will (in most cases) earn a commission override for all sales made by Sarah. This continues for a total of 4 levels deep... see the graphic below for more ->