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Many online opportunities will offer you riches beyond your wildest dreams. If you've spent any time on the Web you've probably already noticed! Telebay, however, knows that before riches, almost always comes work (in some form or another). This is why we say that "we don't sell dreams, we sell products and services." Dreams are a good motivator... but what exactly should they motivate you to do? They should motivate you to work hard!

The Telebay Opportunity does not offer anyone the ability to make money without effort. Even if you are just going to be putting links to our mall (your mall) on your website, you know very well that it takes effort to get people to your site! We have made the effort as easy as possible, but you must take it from here. If you choose to sign-up today and become a rep with Telebay, you will immediately have a Website of your own to help you get started... as well as a back office with lots of information and materials. With this, you have the tools at your disposal to begin building your income... and to start fulfilling dreams!