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You will find that Telebay offers very aggressive commissions for our various products and services. A more detailed breakdown is given in your Telebay Back Office, but here are some examples:

Local Phone Service - You can make as much as $20 up-front (bounty) for services like Trinsic's Unlimited and Select Plans, as well as 6% residual (that's 6% of your customers monthly telephone bill for the life of the account). You also earn bounties from the sales made by your downline reps on all four levels ($3.50 on your first level) as well as residuals through all four levels (1% on level four). Similar commission plans exist for Spectrotel and Cleartel. New: Sage Telecom pays $59.50 per line!

Packet8 - You will make an on-going residual income equating to 10% of your customer's bill, each month for the life of the customer. As well as overrides from your downline! We also offer up to $21.48 for each Packet8 account you sign-up. We also offer bounty only commission options for Packet8, up to $81.25 per line! Commissions for: FonVantage, SunRocket & Opex Internet Voice are revealed in your Back Office, upon joing with us!

Cellular/Wireless - Make as much as $60.00 for every wireless customer through your website! Not only are our cellular commissions aggressive, but so are our offers. For instance, in most cases we have T-Mobile promotions featuring a FREE PHONE and ACCESSORIES, plus $100 CASH BACK. Plus, we offer Liberty Wireless, a great pre-pay cellular service. We pay $15 per phone order, plus residuals! Other prepay plans include: Opex and Venture!

Telebay Broadband - Make money by offering your residential and business clients one simple portal search to qualify for DSL, T1, Cable and Satellite broadband from over 45 providers. Make up to $200 commission per customer.

Telebay Mall - By offering the Telebay Mall shopping experience you can make big profits simply by providing your customers with so many choices! Make 5%, 10%, 20%, 50% per sale... what you make will vary from merchant-to-merchant and from product-to-product. The possibilities are endless.

Again, more information is located in the Back Office, should you decide to join us!