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Great Products

With Telebay, you can offer the following products and services through your own personalized and co-branded Website (for Mall, see bottom). Here's a sampling:

Packet8 - Broadband phone service for home or office. Allows your customers to make unlimited calls to the USA and Canada for just $19.95 per month, with add-on packages for unlimited calling to Western Europe and Asia. Broadband phone service operates like traditional service. Not only can you make calls, but you can also receive them. Even choose your own area code! Includes: Voicemail, Caller ID, Call Waiting, 3-Way Calling and much more. Customers can also purchase Packet8's state-of-the-art video phones to HEAR and SEE the person they are talking to!

Also: Vonage, VoipNet, Opex Internet Voice and Lingo!

Local Service Providers: Trinsic, MCI, Spectrotel, Blue Casa and Cleartel - A collection of the best local service providers is at your fingertips with Telebay. These providers offer bundled local and long distance plans at rates that beat all the other guys. Bundled unlimited local and long distance calling starts at only $37.95!

Long Distance Providers: Trinsic, Tel3, Pioneer & Opex!

Wireless Providers T-Mobile, AT&T, Cingular, Verizon, AllTel, Nextel, Sprint PCS, Liberty, Venture and Opex. We offer perhaps the best collection of wireless providers online -- coupled with top-dollar commissions!

Internet Service: TelebayISP (dial-up service with accelerator technology for just $14.95 per month) and also Broadband Providers: ACC (AT&T Small Business Offering), Adelphia, Allegiance, BellSouth, Cbeyond, Cinergy, Comcast, Covad, Cox Communications, DirecWay,, Earthlink, Eschelon, Internap, M Power, Mediacom, New Edge, New South, NuVox, One Star, Paetec, RealLinx, Savvis, SBC, Speakeasy, Telepacific, Transedge, Qwest, Verizon, XO and more! All of these will be offered via your own branded search portal.

The Telebay Mall: Upload your own logo and our mall becomes your mall! We offer hundreds of top merchants, like Wal-Mart, Target, Overstock, and many more. You don't have to maintain it, you just have to link to it! Also, as with all Telebay services, offer this mall opportunity to others and you make a commission off of their sales, as well... up to 4 levels deep!