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F.A.I.R. = Free Additional Income Resources

F.A.I.R. Programs 1.

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If you are SERIOUS about working at home then you've come to the right place. This is the LEADING source of LEGITIMATE work-at-home jobs on the Internet. There is quite a variety to choose from and you can pick whichever of them you're most comfortable with.

Working at home doesn't have to be a pipe dream. Just don't get 'stung' again. This is the genuine article

A system in which common people can begin for FREE and, through sheer tenacity and determination, rise to staggering levels of financial reward and personal freedom.

There are no strings attached. This opportunity is FREE from the beginning... Our Best Deal Is YOUR OPPORTUNITY! Make Money While Helping Others Communicate. There is nothing more human than the need to communicate, but a close second is our aspiration to achieve great things. Actually, not all people possess this valuable trait, but those who do (like yourself) can capitalize on these two human attributes simultaneously by joining up with telAspire

SFI Marketing Group
The Internet is changing everything – how we communicate, get our news, play, and shop. And thanks to companies like SFI, how you make money – and where you make it – will never be the same again either. Launched in 1998, the SFI Marketing Group has become the world's largest Internet affiliate program. SFI has shown millions of men and women from over 200 countries worldwide how to cash in on the Internet.

VMC Satellite
260,235 affiliates all over the world can't be wrong! Join our team of 260,235 affiliate marketers today! (We welcome affiliates from any country, but please remember that our services are only available to US residents.) Attention Webmasters and Affiliate Marketers! Earn money while helping us give away free satellite system installations! **THIS IS A MUST FOR POWER AFFILIATES** Many of our best affiliates earn over $100,000 per year from us. Our SMART website pays you $50 - $100 whenever we give away a free Satellite Dish System Installation from Dish Network! (Plus overrides on sub affiliates two levels deep!) We've already paid out over $4 Million to affiliates just like you. How much will we pay you?

EASY Home Job
“Finally a Proven, Legitimate way that you can earn over $1,500 per week... "With our program, you will get paid $1,500 plus weekly, over and over again, stuffing envelopes and mailing company circulars in the comfort of your home ...with ZERO risks or costs!"

We Make an Excellent Weekly Income Working From our Home...And The Companies That Pay Us Need More Help! Would you like to know how to make more money working at home than most people earn at regular, full-time jobs? We already do, and can easily show you how. Hello, my name is Marsha Phillips. My husband Steve and I make $1,000s of dollars a week from home and we’ve been doing it for years! Now you can do the same. We enjoy working from home so much because we get to do it when and where we want - the freedom is incredible! And the best part is . . . It’s really not that hard!
The Internet’s #1 affiliate organization, SFI Marketing Group, is pleased to present (NOC). This ground-breaking program is now available to YOU: You can now earn lucrative commissions by simply referring people to money-saving coupons (make money by giving money away)!

Sunspot's Affiliate Marketing Networks
Sign up to be a credit card affiliate program partner with! An affiliate promotes the products and services of online credit card merchants on its website for a commission. Affiliates choose the credit card affiliate program that will provide value to visitors given the context of their sites' offerings. If you have a website and want to earn commissions for promoting credit cards on your site, join the credit card affiliate program powered by Here are just some of the benefits: Earn commissions Associate your site with some of the Internet's leading businesses Gain easy access to links, reports, online help
You get paid for getting others to subscribe...FREE with us. You also Earn $10 just for signing up...FREE with us. If you subscribe, $10 is automatically credited into your account as your "Signing Up Bonus" which you can view once you login. Making more money at is easy! All you have to do is sponsor as many people to subscribe... FREE with us. For each person you signed-up as a subscriber you earn US$0.40and for each person sponsored by the one you signed-up, you also earn US$0.20 each! In addition, you also Earn US$0.05 per member of your 3rd level and another $0.03 per member of your 4th level. This system is 4 levels deep and each level has unlimited width. Therefore, there's no limit into how many you will directly sponsor. You may sponsor 10, 50, 100, 1000 or 10,000. This goes true with the one you signed up and those that they signed up and so on up to the 4th level! They can sponsor as many people under their name too!

All Solutions Network
THE PERFECT BUSINESS Your Own FREE WEBSITE let's you earn $500 to $5,000 or more per month in your spare time with Absolutely NO INVESTMENT. As a member of the All Solutions Network, you have YOUR OWN FREE WEBSITE that lets you MAKE money and Save Money on Everything...
Welcome to! is a world leading and highly paying Forex affiliate program. The Forex industry is the biggest market on earth today, with a daily turnover of 3 trillion dollars! Anyone today can trade Forex online. The participants in this market include central banks, organizations, commercial banks, institutional traders, and private individuals throughout the globe. Affiliating in the Forex market (currency exchange and trading) offers you a great earning potential, with online access to your traffic performance and your commission. The affiliates are provided with online support, marketing creatives and professional tools free of charge.
Start your very own Wireless Store online for Free! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The business opportunity enables you to make money on the Internet with NO investment, fees, or costs required whatsoever. Whether you are a seasoned veteran of Internet marketing or completely new to starting an Internet business, this opportunity is for you. All you need is a computer with Internet access and the willingness to work hard and achieve your financial goals!

The bigger our network gets…the better it works -- for you. The more members we have, the more targeted your traffic. You will earn lots of FREE credits (more traffic to your site) from the efforts of the people you bring in AND you will receive commissions on their upgrades to Pro…all the way down five levels. That means cash in the bank to you.

LinkShare is an e-commerce business solution for over 3.5 million online relationships.  Become an affiliate of the LinkShare Network for FREE and earn revenue by linking to over 500 premier online merchants